Transcending linguistic barriers

Smooth communication across language and cultural barriers requires professional interpretation. This is the reason why our interpreting assignments are performed by professionally trained and experienced interpreters. They prepare carefully for each assignment, which means that our clients need to provide additional information. Our interpreters focus on the information, the field and learning client-specific terminology beforehand. This preparation is important and necessary to meet our and your quality standards.

We offer the following modes of interpretation:

Simultaneous Interpreting

The simultaneous rendition of the meaning of the source text (speech, presentation, etc.) into the target language is called simultaneous interpreting. This mode of interpretation makes an event multilingual without a significant time lag. Simultaneous interpretation can require an interpreter booth , which enables an unlimited number of participants. This mode is the most suitable for conferences and events with a bigger audience.

Whisper Interpreting

Whisper interpreters mainly work at events with 1-2 people. The source text is rendered into the target language simultaneously without a significant time delay. This mode of interpretation most often does not require technical equipment, but unintended listeners could hear the interpretation. When there is a bigger audience (up to 20 people), whisper interpreting could take place with the help of a tour guide system. This mode is most suitable for plant tours.

Consecutive Interpreting

The most time-consuming mode of interpretation is consecutive interpreting, because the translation of the source text into the target language takes place after the rendition of the source text. Technical equipment is not needed. This mode is most suitable for small group talks, business negotiations, court proceedings and festive events like a keynote address.


Choose an appropriate setting for your individual requirements. We would be happy to advise you.

If necessary, we will take care of the required technical equipment.

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